Mahila Mandal Barmer Agor

Research and Study

MMBA is running a Scientific Research Centre at Gagaria village in Barmer district. As of now the centre has three units:

  • Agriculture Research and Technical Unit
  • Disabled Research and Treatment Unit
  • Disaster Management Research and Technical Unit

Through these units the organisation is trying to find out the reasons and solutions of above mentioned issues.

Research on Agriculture

This was the first unit to come up and is conducting agriculture research work in different blocks of Barmer district in various situations. Chohtan is desert areas of Barmer and Dhorimanna is the irrigated areas and Siwana is the rocky area. There is different agriculture land for different area. Water resources and option of livelihood are also different. So keeping the different environment in mind research was made in these areas. 


  • Local resources are pervasive in the area
  • Implying the better local technique can increase the production
  • Abundance of medicinal plants which can improve earning sources
  • Need of scientific/technical equipments for qualitative agriculture
  • Systematic selling and marketing is required in the area
  • There is lack of awareness regarding better seeds, fertilisers and new techniques

According to the analysis agriculture and animal husbandry occupations could be improved through better management and usage of latest technologies which could generate the other sources of income and halt the migration.

Research on Disablity

MMBA works with people with disabilities, their families and community. The communities can be one of the biggest support for the inclusion of an individual with disabilities in the mainstream society. The organisation initiated study on the status of disabled in the remote areas and for collecting the various related information. Local administration and other agencies supported this study.


  • Disabled are not in the mainstream of society
  • Disabled are not getting the proper care and support from their family members
  • Lack of awareness among parents often causes disability in their child
  • Infection, accident, addiction, careless behaviour of women during the natal period cause the disability in the child
  • Child can have the disability in pre natal, during natal and post natal stages
  • Malnourishment of pregnant women increases the probability of disability
  • Sometimes malnourished child suffers from major infections in the early age leading to disability
  • Owing to high fluoride concentration in drinking water children suffer from orthopedic disability

Research on Disaster Management

The organisation initiated to find out the major reasons of recurring disasters and its effects on human life. For this information was collected from various sources and then analysed. Local administration and other agencies were also involved.


  • Recurring drought is the major disaster in the area and has badly affected the people
  • On an average out of every 10 years, seven years are drought years in the area
  • Major sources of livelihood are shattered by drought
  • Lack of pasture land and water availability affects the livestock and human leading to migration from the area
  • Meddling with environment and biodiversity by humans is worsening drought
  • Improper hygiene and unpurified water usage during the drought cause the various diseases