Mahila Mandal Barmer Agor

Health and Hygiene

health hygieneHealth status of women in Rajasthan is an issue of concern. According to a recent survey 70 per cent women of Barmer district are infected from anemia. There is utter lack of primary treatment, maternal and child care facilities. In case of illness women go to traditional birth attendants, quacks and bhopas. Often the disease worsens and patients die. The government has opened health sub-centers in most of the gram panchayats, but these sub-centres have failed to provide primary treatment, maternal and child care and natal care.

As a result maternal mortality rate in Western Rajasthan is highest. MMBA has taken several steps for improving status of maternal and child health, particularly in Jaisalmer district, which fares worst as far as maternal and child health is concerned.

  • Identification of pregnant and and their vaccination
  • Child vaccination
  • Birth registration
  • Ensuring nutrition through anganwadi centres
  • Capacity building of traditional birth attendants (TBAs)
  • Formation of TBAs' forum

Village Level Pressure Group

To strengthen the government health services and to halt the corruption in the Health Department, the organisation has formed pressure groups in 882 villages. Each group has 10-12 active members, both males and females. These groups are advocating for the proper regulation of health services and proper reach to the beneficiary.

The pressure groups are working for activation of anganwadi centres and also raising demand to open new anganwadi centres in unserved areas. They are also working towards activation of health sub-centres.