Mahila Mandal Barmer Agor

Vision and Mission

vision missionVision
To establish a society with equal rights for men and women

To bring consciousness and awareness among the villagers, especially women, dalits and persons with disabilities on their fundamental rights and their upliftment through education, peoples' support, participation and organisation's efforts


  • To improve the social, political, educational, health and financial condition of the deprived, dalits, women and persons with disabilities
  • To fight against the social evils prevalent in the society
  • To improve people's lifestyle through developing the agricultural methods and animal husbandry
  • To generate awareness on  environmental  and natural  sciences
  • To generate awareness on the basic rights to the people
  • To work against exploitation of women, dalits and persons with disabilities
  • To create awareness for protection of water resources
  • To strengthen the panchayati raj system for developmental activities


Promoting interests of all, especially for women, dalits and persons with disabilities and providing them basic rights, eliminating social evils like exploitation, killing infant girl, early and unmatched marriage through organisation's effort and people's support