Mahila Mandal Barmer Agor


educationOne of the contributing factors behind backwardness of Rajasthan is its educational backwardness. Even today many children are far away from mainstream of education. MMBA is working to mainstream the dropouts and educate children with support of village level organisations. It has formed village level committees such as village education committee, school development and management committee and parent teacher association. These committees are working to ensure education to each child and ensure their regular presence in schools. To strengthen, accelerate and activate these committees organization has been conducting the monthly meetings and trainings.

School Management and Development Committee (SMDC) is a structure for ensuring people's participation in management of schools with a view to manage schools in a better way. SDMC holds monthly meetings and its members have been imparted training. Additionally, educational meetings are also held at the village level.

The organisation has held series of meetings in the villages and motivated parents to ensure admission of all the children in the age group 6 to 14 years. It has also taken measures to enrol the children away from education because of family or other reasons. As a result, now almost all the children, particularly girls are attending schools.

For activating Parent Teacher Associations in each village of working area, regular meetings were organized. PTA members were also called in the meetings of Village Development Committees and explained their roles and responsibilities towards the education development of villages. In Jaiselmer district 22 proposals regarding educational development were submitted with support of PTAs and were sanctioned.

Advocacy on Education

MMBA is advocating at village level for ensuring educational facilities and qualitative education system. Advocacy issues include:

  • Appointment of new teachers
  • Upgradation of schools
  • Eradication of child labour

MMBA views education as basic human rights and it has collaborated with Jan Morcha, a state level network of NGOs in Rajasthan and the national Network for Fundamental Right to Education (NEFRE). Read here work related toFundamental Right to Education.

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