Mahila Mandal Barmer Agor

Management and Administration

managementMMBAs functions through an Executive Committee, the policy making body of the organisation. The Executive Committee comprises seven members chaired by the Chairperson.

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The Chairperson and Secretary of the organisation oversee the day-to-day administration. The organisation's coordinator heads the organisation's ongoing programmes and the professional staff. The organisation functions through its working divisions and institutions, which are headed by the Chairperson. There is a Management Coordination team to make decisions related to execution of policies. The organisation's coordinator assists the Chairperson with decentralised authority. The coordinators head their respective cells under general terms of reference. The works in the cells are planned and implemented through a vertical management structure. Performance of the divisions is reviewed monthly through a coordination meeting.


  1. Programme Division. It implements projects through its field offices. The Programme coordinators and program team remain responsible for implementation of the projects. Monthly Progress Review Meetings are held at the field and the head office levels. The Program Officers visit field on monthly basis. Monitoring Officers visit the project areas to check progress on sampling basis and give feedback to the Management. The organisation coordinator and the Chairperson also make regular field visits and share their experience at the monthly meetings.
  2. Administration Division. It provides administrative support services like procurement, supply, recruitment and management of personnel.
  3. Finance Division. It is responsible for the fund management including accounts keeping.
  4. Training and Materials Development Division. It provides technical services including personnel training at headquarters and field levels, and develops need based educational materials for use in programme.
  5. Documentation and Professional Division. It undertakes research and documentation part, monitoring of project activities with a view to improving project designs, identifying lapses and weaknesses, in any of the projects under implementation.

Human Resource

MMBA has a staff strength of 119. These include 30 professionals, 24 technical and 65 field workers. The staff includes 77 males and 42 females. The staff also includes 17 people with different levels of disability.

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