Mahila Mandal Barmer Agor

Empowerment of the Disabled

Visually Impaired Successfully Rehabilitated

Name: Mr. Jeevraj Singh/ Ratan Singh
Age: 23 years
Name of the village: Pannia (11-12 kms from the main road)
Status: Economic Rehabilitation

This case study was conducted in Pannia village of Barmer District. Pannia village came into existence after the year 1971 when they migrated from Pakistan. Their nationality was soon accepted. As of today...

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Blind Girl Now Studying

Name: Ms. Hastu/ Jairam
Age: 6 years
Name of the village: Boi
Status: Studying under Integrated Education

Ms. Hastu is a resident of the Bhoi village and is six years old. Her family falls into the BPL category. At the age of three she lost her eyesight totally and was proven to be permanently blind by Venu Institute. The initiative of medical...

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Cataract Patient Successfully Operated

Akala Devi wife of Late Kamal Ram 60 years woman residing in village Onada of block Sheo in district Barmer (Rajasthan) belongs to Bheel (ST) community and has low social status and is deprived in the community.

The client condition is normal because she is living in rough mud house and depends on agriculture and cattle rearing, her family earns...

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Handicapped Gets Loan to Start His Venture

This is a story of 21 year old Rana Ram, son of Deva Ram, a resident of village Bhainswada in Ahore block of Jalore district. He is orthopaedically handicapped because of polio during his childhood. His younger brother Mohan Lal is also affected with the same problem. Deva Ram is a small farmer with seven members in the family including three...

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Showing the Way for Happy Life

Forty-four years old Teja Ram, son of Amba Ram, is residing in Baleba village of Aheo block in Barmer district.  He lost his vision in his childhood following small pox. Economic condition of his family was very bad and his mother and he were dependent on community people for their survival. He could not get married because of...

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