Mahila Mandal Barmer Agor

Cataract Surgery on Child Bring Backs Light in Life

Sangaram S/o Thakraram is 9 years child residing in village Chadi, in district Barmer (Rajasthan) he is belong to Jat community and social status of family is average,

The client’s father condition is poor and he is living in rough mud house and depends on agriculture and cattle are rearing; his family earns 18000 rupees per annum, Sangaram was low Vision in L& R eye because of well developed cataract. He was unable to read, wearing clothes and depends on family. His life is really very difficult to survive independently and his father was depressed for his child low vision condition and now he was looking someone who has to guide & help to recover his child vision.

We Already intervention with master Sangaram, before his cataract extraction at VENU New Delhi he was visually impaired and studying in Govt. Primary School of Chadi, our itinerant teacher teaches him, Sangaram was low Vision in both eyes because of well developed congenital cataract, he was unable to move independently, Playing with friends & depends on family. His life is really very difficult to Survive, and he was very depressed in some time when he dropped on ground. He usually talked to IE teacher; how he can see all things very well and now he was looking someone who have to listen his inner voice

Sangaram was already identified by VENU Eye team New Delhi last year as congenital cataract; our field worker & IE teacher constantly visited his house, and counseled & make his family confident for his eye operation
Our CES field staff went to convince his father for cataract operation. But his father was afraid for cataract operation because he was poor, rigid and uneducated and he has much misconception about cataract operation that doesn’t want to lose his son eyesight. But we have counseled his parents and give many example of success of near to his Dhani , by showing other successfully cataract operation clients in his/surrounding village; our staff prepared Sangaram’s father for cataract operation by our constant effort, Our one staff went with Sangaram & other 4 children along with their parents for cataract operation and all operation success at Hospital, Sangaram was successfully operated at VENU Eye Hospital New Delhi

Chadi village is 2 km inside from road and situated on sand, both in geographical and in practice of century old social customs such as superstition, myths, misconception false about the eye diseases. Once up on a day we met Sangaram’s father, he was superstitious and his loosing confident, becoming the bearer for operation Earlier he was not ready for eye operation of his children, we listen the Voice of client carefully and explain our comprehensive program to clear all myth & misconception about operation. Most of the villagers in these clusters reside only in their agricultural land and because of this one can find house to house with long distance they lives in Dhani (hamlet), but our staff counseled & prepared him, after that we taken to Barmer government hospital for Hemoglobin test after the final report of hemoglobin. We send him to VENU Hospital along with 4 other children with our CES staff, finally eye operation successful operated. Really his parents happy weeping to recover his son vision

Despite, geographical and scattered demographic factor and social customs and myth & superstition present in society, MMBA was able to prepare Sangarm father, to VENU New Delhi hospital and he was successfully operated. Today, Sangarm leads an independent life, able to move freely and doing his household activities Recovery of Eye vision helps her to enjoy life and handling all home affair activities he is feeling amazing to recover his vision

Sangarm’s parents & Sangarm is very happy that his vision is recovered. he said, now he can take care himself, One promising statement of Sangarm father he made is now he will work as a motivator in her own village and convince others for cataract operation, he was very happy with the effort of MMBA-SSI

All his friend, relatives, villagers are happy to see his moving independently. Because of our constant effort provide this, he promised us that he will continuing his study and in one day he is sure that he will become a teacher
The village community has positive reaction for his successful operation in a way successful recovery of vision of Sangaram. Sangarm’ father has helped our field staffs to convince other aged cataract clients for operation. Whenever they approach new clients, they give example of life of Sangaram before operation and changes life after operation, now villagers are cooperative in helping our field staffs to know the cataract patients.