Mahila Mandal Barmer Agor

Bursting Myth for Cataract Operation

Maruwa/ late Magaram is 70 years old lady residing in Village Nagauda, Shiv GP Belongs to Meghwal Community Belongs to very poor family. Agriculture & Laboring is the main source of income.

Maruwa belongs to very poor economic background. She is living with his son and his family. The total no of members in family are five including Maruawa. Her son has two small children. She was literally blind because of well-developed cataract in right eye. She was facing problems in seeing with her left eye due to low vision as well as in doing personal routine work such as bath, washcloths and walking etc.

Due to her problem her daughter in law always depressed her by commenting as a blind. More over his son and his wife cooperation was not satisfactory. Maruwa’s son is an Alcohol addict. Moreover he is unemployed and usually not intends to do any work else sleeping and boozing at home

The main occupation of the family is agriculture and labour work. But due to drought form past two year there is no crop produce in their land. Relatively Maruwas Daughter in Law does labour work and earns around 500-600 per month for the survival of family. Some times she uses to go in Famine work by government once a week. Other than labour there is no source of income. By counseling and frequent visits motivated the beneficiary for operation. There were couple of visit made for convincing to her and family members. During frequent visits village Sarpanch, also counseled to her and his family. As there is no satisfactory support form his son it has taken the lot of efforts in conveying his son. After the hard efforts project team & Co-coordinator counseled & confident for his eye operation, finally her son bought Maruwa to hospital for the operation. With our constant effort, Maruwa was successfully operated at Netra Jyothi Hospital

After screening the beneficiary the main problem faced due to family resistance and myths related to cataract operations. The myths were that during operation they injects the big injection in eye, take eye outside etc. Beneficiary son is alcohol addict and does no work.

In addition he was not ready to co-operate and invest time to take his mother to hospital. Maruwa’s daughter in law was unable to invest time due to labour problems and small children. The task before MMBA team was to conveyance both beneficiary and her son. Finally by joint efforts of project team beneficiary son bought her at NJH for operation and successfully operation was done at NJH.

Maruwa is in high spirits that his vision is recovered. She appraised the project team & work. One promising statement he made is now he will work as a volunteer in his own village and convince others for cataract operation.

Beneficiaries’ son & daughter in law are happy as daughter in law got much relief in house hold work as she has to go for labour work for income of the family. Beneficiary and her family assured to provide voluntary health in conveying people for operation to get rid of form the problem of Cataract.