Mahila Mandal Barmer Agor

Cataract Operation Gives Back Vision

Bhawar Singh/ Ishwar Singh is 70 years old resides in Bisukalan, Shiv Block Belongs to Raj Purohit Community. His economic condition is very poor main source of family income is Agriculture & Labour work.

He has five sons.  He is living with his youngest son and his family.  His youngest son owns the agriculture land around 15-16 begas.  The main occupation and source of income is agriculture and labour work.  But due to drought there is no crop produce and use to do labour work and earn Rs 50-60 on each Labour Day.  

Before interaction with MMBA, Bhawar singh’s vision was very low and cataract was fully matured and only five days left for discharge.   He was dependent on other family members for his daily routine work Due to low vision some times he have to face lot of difficulties in doing his routine activities independently and due to engagement of family members in their own work. 

With the regular visit and check up in working area field worker found Bhawarsingh as a patient of well matured Cataract at his home.  More over, he counseled him and advised his son to go NJH in assistance of MMBA for operation as soon as possible. As per traditions and myths Beneficiary has not taken interest in operating cataract. Couple of follow up and counseling was made by field workers for the same as well as to his family.  The matter was very serious as only five days were left for discharge of Cataract.    Finally on 7th September 2004 he got cataract operation at NJH.

Due to constant & serious efforts of MMBA today, beneficiary dominate an independent life, able to move freely without any one’s support. In addition he use to do his work independently as well as support his family in compare to past.

Bhawar Singh is over the moon that his vision is recovered. He appraised MMBA team sprit of work. In continuation he said that he is lucky that very timely MMBAs team member found him and support him for operation.  In addition he said now I realised that I was fool and resisting for operation.  

Due to devotion and commitment of MMBAs my life is totally changed for which I had no hopes in past.  One promising statement he made is now he will work as a volunteer in his own village and convince others for cataract operation. Finally he said there is a very much need of organisations, which are committed and devoted like MMBA for the improvement and development of village people. 

Family members of beneficiaries appraised the service got form MMBA.  They said that it is a very kind work for the village people even after the resistance of people MMBA is facilitating the people happily without any frustration.

In addition they said that we would also contribute our services to help MMBA by conveying people for Cataract operation by giving example of beneficiary so that due to lack of knowledge people should not get complete blind.